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Chiva-Blanch, G.; Urpi-Sarda, M.; Llorach, R.; Rotches-Ribalta, M; Guillén, M.; Casas, R; Portolés, O.; Corella, D.; Tinahones, FJ.; Lamuela-Raventós, R.M.; Andres-Lacueva, C. (2012) Differential effects of polyphenols and alcohol of red wine on the expression of adhesion molecules and inflammatory cytokines related to atherosclerosis: a randomized clinical trial. PubMed
Fandos, M.; Corella, D.; Guillén, M.; Portolés, O.; Carrasco, P.; Iradi, A.; Martínez-González MA.; Covas, MI.; Lamuela-Raventós, R.M.; Michavilla, MT.; Cerdá, C.; Torregrosa, R.; Redón, J.; Chaves, F.; Tormos, MC.; Ocete, D.; Sáez, GT. (2009) Impact of cardiovascular risk factors on oxidative stress and DNA damage in a high risk Mediterranean Free Radical Research. 43(12): 1179-1186 PubMed