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Green tea

In Asian countries green tea is well known for its health benefits and is traditionally used for detoxication, the improvement of blood flow and its resistance to certain illnesses. It has also demonstrated that green tea has an important role in the prevention of a wide range of illnesses, including cardiovascular conditions and cancer, as well as gastrointestinal disorders, periodontal illness and dental cavities. The main flanols found in green tea are (-)-epigalocatechin-3-galat (EGCG), (-)-epigalotechin (EGC), (-)-epicatechin-3-galato (ECG), and (-)epicatechin (EC). EGCG is the most abundant and most widely studied polyphenol.

We are currently identifying the presence of these compounds in green tea extracts and evaluating the absorption of such compounds in biological samples after oral administration.



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