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Citrus fruits

The flavonoids of citrus fruits have been investigated due to their biological activities (such as anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antitumor effects).

The majority of citrus species accumulate large quantities of flavonoids during their development. All flavonoids described in Citrus sp. can be classified in the following groups: flavanones, flavones and flavonols.  Naringin (naringenin 7-0-neohesperidoside), a glycoside of flavanone, is particularly prevalent in grapefruit (C. Paradisi) and is responsible for the sour taste of grapefruit juice. Narirutine (naringenin-7-0-rutinoside) is also present in grapefruit but to a lesser degree.

Phenolic compounds are undergone to intestinal/hepatic metabolism; molecular forms that reach the peripheral circulation and tissues are different from those in foods. Generally, predominant structures in plasma are conjugated (glucuronide or sulfate, with or without methylation). These compounds are chemically different from their parents, differing in size, polarity and ionic form, which denotes that its physiological conduct may be different.

We are currently identifying the presence of these compounds in extracts of citrus fruits and evaluating their absorption in biological samples after oral administration.



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